Boiler soot blowers "five" will be set up environmental protection and energy reduction targets sewage charges


Scholars say, pollution control and abatement "Twelve Five" period, should be greater use of pollution charges, desulfurization subsidies, environmental taxes, emissions trading, ecological compensation and other economic policy instruments. "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", will be concerned to increase environmental protection and energy saving targets. Environmental Planning Vice President and Chief Engineer Wang Jinnan accept the new financial reporter, said that in terms of the relationship between the environment and the economy, environmental protection and resource conservation status will be further enhanced. Wang Jinnan believes that there is a structural problem of China's environmental protection. At present, China's environmental problems faced by environmental pollution and ecological destruction and climate change "three big mountains." Three different range of problems involving domestic, regional and global. China's current stage of development, the need to balance these three aspects, "in my opinion, 'second five' focus should be placed on pollution control and ecological protection in two ways. In the main pollutant emission reduction," Eleventh five "plan to set up sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand (COD) of two indicators revealed Wang Jinnan, opinions environmental protection department, in the" five "plan, included air pollution index of nitrogen oxides and ammonia cause water pollution, reductions of between 5% -10%. Wang Jinnan that environmental pollution is also involved in three structural levels, including pollutant emission control, environmental quality improvement and environmental risk prevention. but three things at once, it is unlikely may. have some basic preparation of environmental risk prevention, but it is impossible to synchronize go forward. as the process of the United States, the European experience, the presence of environmental pollution control path dependence. Similarly, environmental quality improvement will certainly be done, but it can not do binding targets can be adapted to local conditions to consider, especially in Beijing, Shanghai this population settlements, quality improvement is important to take necessary measures, such as improving the energy structure, and the relocation of polluting enterprises to adjust the industrial structure, the effect of these measures is obvious. "the end of treatment alone, will not solve the underlying problem. "Turning to the total pollutant control and abatement, Wang Jinnan that" it must be a long-term task. "According to the American experience cuts, China is not only" five "to continue, and even extended to the" Fourteen five "" Ten fifty-five. "because the current emissions far exceed the capacity of the environment. for example, to reach four or three water quality requirements, only 8 million tons emissions COD (chemical oxygen demand), and now the 3000 emissions million tons. Wang Jinnan said sulfur dioxide is also true that the current allowed emissions (environmental capacity) is 12 million to 16 million tons, "Eleventh five-Year" early as 25 million tons, 22 million tons is minus 10% so, according to limit environmental capacity, as well as 10 million tons to cut. and that's just the stock reduction, incremental still appear. he suggested that "five" period should take some of the more effective economic measures, such as more the use of sewage charges, desulfurization subsidies, environmental taxes, emissions trading, ecological compensation and other economic policy instruments. "some policies, such as ecological compensation, emissions trading, has been in the government work report mentioned a couple of times, I hope 'second five' breakthrough . "Power Equipment Co., Ltd. Qingdao Rui Laide

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