Preparing the introduction of a number of environmental policy [Qingdao Rui Laide]


"States are preparing the introduction of a number of policies conducive to environmental protection." Ministry of Environmental Protection Policy and Regulation Department Yang Chaofei pointed out yesterday, due to increased environmental risk, the country will be more and more attention to environmental protection.

Yang Chaofei on an energy saving Forum held yesterday said that under the emissions-reduction targets, the country is preparing to develop taxation, credit, price, insurance, securities, trade, government procurement, ecological compensation, which are conducive to environmental protection of the policies.

At present, China's environmental risks are rising, the influence of various environmental pollution growing. Yang Chaofei pointed to water pollution, for example, the country's major rivers and water bodies are dirty - 1/5 of the water, 150 million rural population to use substandard water. In addition, the drinking water is not part of the cities and towns of compliance, and lakes of the more common negative nutrition.

Urgency of the situation, the country more and more attention to environmental protection. Yang Chaofei pointed out that the State Council energy reduction targets, the fact that energy-saving and environmental indicators index, two indices is related to the completion of sustainable economic and social development. Yang Chaofei said Specifically, the main energy saving measures is reflected in four areas: structural reduction, emission reduction projects, the management and policies of emissions reduction.

"Electricity, iron, steel, aluminum, ferroalloy and other 13 industries, restructuring and structural reduction focus, before the end of the year, close outdated production capacity: small thermal power is a ten million kilowatts, backward iron production capacity 2,500 tons of steel 600 million tons, 50 million tons of cement, electrolytic aluminum is 330,000 tons, 6 million tons of flat glass, paper is 530,000 tons. "Yang Chaofei said.

In terms of emission reduction projects, he told reporters, should take two steps. First, in the major cities and some county launched a sewage treatment plant, and secondly, you want to speed up the construction of the power plant desulfurization facilities, has gradually increased the capacity of urban sewage treatment.

Yang Chaofei said this year is the fourth consecutive year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection to implement regional restrictions, meaning that starting in 2007, 2008, 2009 to 2010 for four consecutive years regional restrictions. Supervise the handling of this year's regional restrictions have Shantou, Jiamusi, Xuancheng, Linyi city of Nanning five paper companies, in addition to directly supervise the handling of the country's nine large paper companies, which exceeded pollution. The future, China will become increasingly powerful environmental law enforcement. Power Equipment Co., Ltd. Qingdao Rui Laide

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