Electric power project construction land promulgated


September 1, by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Land and Resources, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission jointly approved "power project construction land (thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, substations and converter station)" formally promulgated. The index is a unified national construction projects, land targets, for stand-alone capacity of 500,000 to one million kilowatts of coal-fired power plants, E and F grade class gas - steam combined cycle capacity according to the planning of new or expansion of power plants, a unit capacity of 60 kw, 1 million kilowatts by the planning stage of new or expansion of nuclear power capacity and voltage rating of 110 kV and 1000 kV AC substation, ± 500 kV DC converter station (300 MW) of new or expansion project, Integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC), and biomass power plants than originally planned capacity expansion or alteration of, ± 660 kV, ± 800 kV DC converter station may refer to. The index compiled by the China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation and its subsidiaries 6 Institute, State Nuclear Electric Power Planning and Design Institute, etc. together to complete the enactment of power project construction land help to strengthen the implementation of the power project construction land science management and strict control in the future thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, substations and converter station construction scale of China's land, improve land utilization.

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