10 years of China's nuclear power installed capacity will increase by up to 7 times


Who participated in the energy "five" high-level Energy Development and Reform Commission, said pre-planning discussions, in order to honor their commitments before Copenhagen, the proportion of non-fossil energy to China in 2020 to reach 15%. To achieve this goal, the focus is to develop three types of non-fossil energy sources, namely, nuclear power, hydropower and other non-hydro non-fossil energy sources, which include wind, solar, biomass. Among these, the contribution of nuclear power needs of accounting for 4% -6%. He said that according to preliminary estimates, such as the proportion of non-fossil energy to complete the 15% target in 2020, nuclear power reached at least 75 million kilowatts or more. The current domestic nuclear power installed capacity is only 900 million kilowatts, the future up to 7-8 times the growth. "As China is in urgent need for energy conservation, nuclear power utilization hours of high power and stable short-term advantage will become an important option for clean energy. On the other hand, the two nuclear power industry group gradually accelerate the acquisition of overseas uranium resources, and gradually to protect the huge raw material base of uranium fuel supply capacity required for nuclear power development which also laid. "State Securities (600,109), a senior analyst Zhang Shuai said," China's energy structure is facing power under structural transformation in the background, nuclear power as a high power generation efficiency and clean energy without carbon emissions, the strategic position will be further strengthened. "in his view, the cost advantage of nuclear power is not only lower than other forms of energy in its unit price, and that the cost of stability. This will make it win more downstream investments. At the same time, the proportion of China's nuclear power installed capacity of less than 2%, compared to the global average of 16% is still a considerable gap. It has also become a major force in providing nuclear power development. In addition, nuclear power has compared to other clean energy high degree of stability, performance close to its utilization hours of 7900 hours than any other energy generation methods, a smaller impact on the grid.

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