Electrical equipment and new energy industry: photovoltaic order Hengqiang specification, price of wind power is expected to start looting equipment, energy lead to a low-carbon life wisdom, along the way to realize the dream of power


The key point:

PV: normative order Hengqiang.

In support of sound policy, the domestic photovoltaic industry maturing business environment, promoting the plate "to accelerate the development." Since 2013 China has replaced Germany as the world's largest and fastest growing PV market. Future, domestic policy and the market will continue to lead the development of the global market. We are optimistic about the domestic PV market next year, after the PV project approval authority delegated from the point of view of performance flexibility, the beneficiary is the subject of the transfer to the A shares, especially Class A shares underlying operations. Order regulatory policies frequently introduced to combat flagging trading, both the advantages of enterprise project to get more resources, but also help to further reduce the cost of photovoltaic power plants.

Recommended future operating photovoltaic energy leading the East, and the performance is expected to continue to focus on the order-than-expected company EGing Photovoltaic PV modules.

Wind power: electricity or down loaded grab open.

The existing wind power tariff is the National Development and Reform Commission in 2009 issued "on the sound of wind power tariff policy notice." With the improvement of declining installation costs, related conditions, such as network and improve technology, in order to subsidize more large-scale wind power capacity, the National Development and Reform Commission or down in 2015 after the new tariff of wind power projects, to stimulate short-term wind power development.

In the long term, the introduction of quotas will drive long-term development of new energy sources. Wind power industry as a whole continues upward cycle, wind power machine price and volume. Along the way will go to enhance the manufacture of wind power to the national development strategy to promote the explosive growth of the wind power business performance.

Recommended expected to benefit from all the way along the leading domestic wind power machine Goldwind.

Low-carbon energy mix, intelligent power system.

In order to achieve the proportion of clean energy consumption promised to break the bottleneck of the new energy use, intelligent power system must undergo a revolution. Future of Smart Energy system will have the following characteristics: a fuzzy boundaries power point and load; 2 solve the stability problem of new energy sources; 3 to solve multi-various forms of electricity generation (photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind power, thermal power, hydropower, etc.). the coupling problem; 4 to guide the wisdom of electricity price ladder, increasing the power electronics, energy storage, smart instrumentation and electrical equipment. Recommended subject combinations: Kymmene technology, sun power, confidence Electric, Clou Electronics, Jiangsu Guotai, Chint.

To dream of a powerful industry to a higher level to provide a historic opportunity.

We have different points of view with the market, not just along the way to solve my domestic overcapacity, lack of demand contradiction, but also through along the national and inter-regional infrastructure along the country's transportation, electricity, telecommunications and other planning and development of the local economy and improve people's livelihood, so as to promote economic cooperation and realize the Chinese dream, highlighting tolerance and mind powers. Benefited from the industry's choice, first of all, as a modern industrial base of power must be "going out" Required. Secondly, under fully competitive market conditions, the only competitive advantage is the real capacity to benefit from the vicinity of the way of equipment. Therefore, we determine the power equipment sector will be one of the biggest beneficiaries, "along the way", especially with excellent protection and international competitiveness of the UHV subdivision plate. Recommended subject combinations: high level of electrical, XJ Electric, NARI, Shanghai Electric, TBEA.

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