Anyang County, centralized power equipment maintenance, upgrading of the winter


December 21, 2014, the town of Fallon palm Anyang County, Henan 35 kV substation maintenance operation area, electricity staff carry out their duties, are to supply equipment upgrades and busy job.

With the winter cold frequently struck, State Grid Power Company in Anyang County Fallon palm 35 kV substation were centralized maintenance and upgrades, removal of equipment "sub." The job: to replace 35 kV Knife 2 groups, 13 groups of 10 kV disconnectors, 10 kV bus will be replaced LGJ-300 ACSR, all of the clamp bolts to replace all the hydraulic clamp.

Through this set of repair and technical innovation, can effectively solve the problem of wire connections easy to heat in winter electricity under heavy load conditions, which greatly improve the health and residential electricity equipment reliability, ensuring unmatched palm town sixty million people more warmth winter, bright and peaceful New Year.

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