NDRC Energy Officials: China is still in the pilot phase of carbon trading


"Carbon trading is very important, but the whole country is still in the trial stage." Dr. Liu Jiang, deputy director of the Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission, CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Management Expo Center recently on the British Museum's "low-carbon energy" lecture for the above remarks.

Qiang said that at present China in addition to CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) market development better, on the whole is still in the trial stage carbon trading, more of a hope to find through a number of pilot demonstration of China's development and favorable carbon emissions trading patterns. Carbon trading should take an active and cautious response.

In early August, the National Development and Reform Commission has just announced the "five provinces and eight cities" as a low-carbon and low-carbon city pilot provinces. And Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai also have established exchanges, trading pilot energy saving and emission reduction work. In Qiang view, put forward in spite of the country's carbon intensity target for carbon trading policy provides a good signal and platforms, but the distance to realize there are a lot of carbon trading need to explore issues related mechanisms, institutions, participation model, distribution, all aspects of the baseline, etc., shall be settled by the pilot.

In addition, Liu Qiang pointed out that China's carbon intensity target is a voluntary target, and there is no correlation between international commitments, no international MRV (measurable, reportable and certification). In this case, also need to consider the relationship between domestic carbon market and international carbon markets, and different institutions in which the role played by the future, but also need to be resolved by the pilot.

In Europe, carbon trading has a certain development, its experience with China Energy reference.

Carbon Trust (Carbon T rust) in China, director of Blue Sky Mu (T im Lancaster) on the day of the lecture describes the current practice of some specific EU carbon trading system: energy use large (accounting for 40% of greenhouse gas emissions) must measuring and reporting carbon emissions; if a company produces too much carbon emissions, then the company must buy emissions permits companies to lower emissions; in addition, the maximum amount on a regular basis to reduce emissions.

Blue sky Harmony by comparing carbon taxes and carbon trading, carbon trading think through price changes can be achieved savings targets easier to reach agreement. But where there is the possibility of emission allowances allocated, whether their bottom line price and fair debate.

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